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Materials sales

Oceala is an experienced materials trader and always offers best value market prices.

We trade materials with organisations across the UK including national retailers, recycling companies and paper mills.

If you find you have a surplus in material Oceala will negotiate market process and find a buyer for your recyclables through the spot market, trading directly with the buyer.

We also have a number of long-standing European contracts on high grades including scan boards, white papers and shavings. These contracts have been established through working with several agents over time and gaining mutual trust.

Our knowledge of the UK’s recycling market is unrivalled.

Whether you are a waste management company or a waste generator, you can be safe in the knowledge that Oceala will secure the best value for material. In addition you will know that the material will be responsibly used as we will supply you with full documentation, detailing information about where the material will go and what it will be used for.