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Waste audits

We’ll start by conducting a waste audit to assess your current waste management and recycling actions.  From this we’ll explain how, by making small changes, you can use less resources, create less waste, recycle more and ultimately make cost savings.

At a time when environmental performance and awareness is paramount, it is crucial to assess where businesses can reduce, reuse and recycle the waste they produce.

A waste audit which measure where waste and recycling streams can be reduced and also recovered to be used as a resource. An Oceala waste audit will look at recycling processes already in place and investigate where new technologies and treatments can be introduced help divert waste away from landfill and recover more material.

The benefits of an Oceala waste audit include:

An Oceala waste audit is completely free and we’d be delighted to discuss your company’s waste and recycling requirements. You are not obliged to take our recommendations or use our services – we’ll simply provide you with a waste report which will explain how to improve your recycling performance.

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