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Waste management services

Oceala provides full waste management and recycling services, offering businesses, specifically retailers, a complete solution.

Waste audit

We’ll start off by conducting a waste audit which will assess your current actions and explain how, by making small changes, you can use less, create less waste, recycle more and ultimately make cost savings. Read more about waste audits.

Waste programme

Following the waste audit, Oceala will devise a waste programme which will help to ensure recycling is turned into a resource. The programme will be reviewed regularly to ensure best value is being achieved. Oceala will also supply the collection bins and recycling equipment required to instigate the new programme. Read more about waste management programmes.

If your organisation already has a waste management programme in place, we’ll be happy to review your activities and suggest ways in which to maximise waste and recycling.

Oceala’s team will work with you to help change behaviours in your organisation to achieve zero waste targets.

Oceala has strong links with Casepak (also owned by the Smith family). Both companies benefit from the relationship with trading with one another and Casepak provides Oceala with the ability to bale, transport, collect loose material and load and unload baled material.

For more information on Casepak and its services please visit www.casepak.co.uk.

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